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How To Play

  • Drag Tony to move his position.
  • Move the mouse to adjust the throwing angle.
  • Hold the left click button to roll the ball.
  • Nothing in the bar is free. Each bowl costs two coins.
  • The player gains coins if you bowl a strike.
  • The Drunks are obstacles in the game. For example, they (the drunks) throw bottles in the lane and blow holes in the floor.
  • To overcome the obstacles, the player can buy magic balls in the bar shop.more

Ape Motion Bowling

Play Offline by installing google chrome apps.

The world's first WebGL 3D bowling game running on Chrome platform. It's guaranteed to be the most difficult, yet entertaining bowling game.

  • Stunning 3D scene
  • Funny and realistic voiceovers
  • Varying levels of obstacles
  • A variety of balls with special attributes


Tony, an alcoholic ape, often drinks at the “Motion Club” near his home behind his wife. Barkeeper Ankit, a bowling enthusiast, built a bowling alley in the bar and organizes competitions everyday. The winner receives a large amount of gold coins.

One day, Tony forgot his wallet home; therefore, he could not pay the bill. The only way to cover his debt is to win a bowling competition that Profiteer Ankit schemed. It is not an easy task. The bar crowded with alcoholics in the same predicament. The odds are stacked against each contender.

Hungry pipi


Hungry pipi, the most funny tile-matching puzzle game in the history Hungry pipi is a classic and distinctive tile-matching game. in the beginning, you will have 60 seconds to show your skill of egg-matching. 60 seconds seem not long enough. don't worry, time eggs with rays will appear continuously. In the game, you are delighted with sufficient time and lively rhythms. striving to matching eggs, you will break the record from time to time and enjoy the joy of victory!